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Malaise | Malaise

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I’ve spent recent days slipping in and out of consciousness. Unlike the weeks immediately following chemo, periods marked by a debilitating, flu-like malaise, I feel nothing now, just overwhelming fatigue. The weather this spring has been the most pleasant I can recall. Warm winds have sent...
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It was Baudelaire, not Baum, who said, "Anywhere out of this world!" He recommended that poets stay drunk, "on wine, on virtue," by any means. Ordinary life for him was torture. Of course, he had syphilis, and the attack on his brain and body probably didn't help him feel...
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What is this malaise that settles on me? It  feels like heavy concrete being sealed over my bones? What is my purpose? Why do I not take the day and toss it up as one would a child into the air and catch it again, just to feel the joy.  Pointless day. Day of laundry, a white pile, a coloured pile...