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I'll be starting my book tour on March 26th, and would LOVE it if you could come along to one of the events - here's a list of key events in places where I know I have friends (and they have friends, who have friends, who have friends ...): California: March 28th, BOOK PASSAGE, CORTE MADERA, CA...
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My newest book, The Mapping of Love and Death, will be in bookstores in just a few days—officially from March 23rd. And I'll be skiing! I know that sounds like a strange thing for an author to be doing at such a time, however, I planned this short trip long before the publication date was set, so I...
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I'm very excited—only three weeks to go now until The Mapping of Love and Death, the new novel featuring psychologist and investigator, Maisie Dobbs, is published. In some ways that research work never ends—I find I cannot walk down a London street without imaginging how it might have looked and...
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By the time I sit down to start a new novel, the story I am about to commit to the page has been rolling around in my mind for some time. Of course, there are always surprises - the destitute young girl who turns up on the first page, an unplanned character out of the blue [PARDONABLE LIES]; or a...