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JERUSALEM—If you asked about a moment that encapsulates the tragedy of the Israelis and Palestinians, there’d be no shortage of incidents, fatal and wrathful, from which to choose. This week, however, I’d point out an occasion that was less shocking but just as poignant.In a banquet hall of the...
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JERUSALEM--At his White House press conference with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu this week, United States President Barack Obama enthused that the talks about talks will probably lead to talks, and his assessment was that the Israeli government is ready to take part in those talks.As...
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Hamas is steadily rebuilding its power in the West Bank, stockpiling weapons and materiel underground, biding its time for a renewal of the conflict with its Fatah rivals. Palestinian security officials have been telling me this for some time, and they are frankly filled with fear and foreboding....
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BETHLEHEM, West Bank — The good news is that the West Bank is normal — kind of — and that people are content — sort of. The bad news, the Palestine Liberation Organization thinks it’s responsible for the good news. Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, who’s also the Palestine Liberation...
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Was Israeli intelligence really behind the video showing an Abbas aide soliciting sex? (I posted this on Global Post.)Afficionadoes of the oeuvre of Jamaican reggae singer Shaggy will already be familiar with the strategy of a Palestinian official caught with his pants down — more precisely, with...