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Well, this contest was such fun, and so many of you were in the running with the correct answers from Before the Storm. Here they are:  What was the name of Jamie's church? Free Seekers. We also accepted Free Seekers Church or Chapel. Who was Jamie's nemesis on Topsail Island? We accepted either...
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The last time John and I were on Topsail Island, we were having dinner in a restaurant when John suddenly said, "Do you see that waitress over there? That's Dawn." I figured he must mean the character Dawn in my latest book, Before the Storm. I turned to look at the waitress. She was a...
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Those of you who've read Before the Storm know that one of the main characters, Laurel Lockwood, develops post partum depression after the birth of her baby Maggie. With the depression undiagnosed and severe, she begins to drink as a way to escape her sadness and shame. She continues to drink wine...