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Dear Igor, Ahmed, my IT consultant, tells me that Jewish settlers are sending herds of wild pigs into Muslim East Jerusalem to terrorize the population and drive them from their homes. Is this Paranoia or Fact? Arthur Treifler Jambonia, Ohio EDITOR OF paranoiaisfact.com, Igor Yopsvoyomatsky,...
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              I know I said I wasn't going to blog this weekend, however a big event is happening today. It's pretty big, gentle readers. Madonna is fifty. Yes, nifty fifty! What I want to know is, how did that happen?             Madonna has been around for so long-half my life. Well longer than...
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Madonna turns fifty this Saturday, a fact that reminds me I'm getting older too. I believe I still have her debut album in a musty box somewhere, packed securely with a pair of parachute pants. Like many gay men at the time, I admired her chutzpah. Her rise to stardom proved anyone could be special...