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    "What about the Macbook Fire?"    "I don't like the idea of my computer catching fire, thank you very much."    "You don't think it sounds snazzy?"    "Well, somewhat. Fire is snazzier than an apple, I'll grant you. You don't see the...
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iPad in an Apple case (Photo credit: Wikipedia) This week, a small group of friends and I pondered when it's okay to not just want but to have new things. We live in a commercially-driven, consumer culture, in which to have is often portrayed as the greatest good. To not...
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Apple Computers decided to follow the Netflix model for customer service relationships. As a customer, I dislike not having what I expected delivered or available.  I want some notice when you're making a change to my service or product.   Netflix learned that in July, 2011.  That...
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Hi everyone- Please forgive my lapse into BSP, but I'm gearing up for the release of THE GATEKEEPER and thought some of you might want to enter a giveaway I'm running.One lucky person will receive a brand new MacBook laptop computer. All you have to do is go to my website (www.MichelleGagnon.com)...
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Steve Jobs: "People Don't Read Anymore;" Jobs's disdain for the Amazon.com Kindle (Galley Cat)—What do you expect from an illiterate? No wonder I hate the Macbook Leopard OSX I recently bought after my dearly beloved iBook expired. The Macbook is SO unfriendly to word processor users,...