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      Hi, my name is Steve. I teach leadership and the laws of success.  I coach executives, professionals, businesses, congregations, and religious leaders both privately and in group settings.  In the east, they say, “When the student’s ready, the teacher...
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He gave another side. He made something untight! He stood by me, sometime. But he gave me another side! He knew that she was hiding something in her mind? She was a girl using her dark side! My best friend had shocked me out! She went wrongfully. She drank something with her whisky! I couldn't feel...
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Let me gently caressyour grace, space and intellectwith the magnitude of my auraYour presence enticesdices and spicesmy inner being to unwindlet go of my inhibitionsno intermissionJust listen!You awaken my sensesIn the trenches of desireI entirely weakento the will of your commandyou've got the...