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  With the recent boom of technology, the way we buy products has changed. Instead of going to a physical location, we now have the option of ordering everything from clothes to computer products to home furniture online. Websites such as Yelp.com offer invaluable services to compare...
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Now that I’m back from vacation it’s time to get back to work. And the work I have in front of me is to make a decision about my book. Should I continue on the road to finding a new publisher or should I self publish? My tendency is to look for a new publisher (in case you didn’t know, my publisher...
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You may know that I publish my collaborations with my sister in our Scattered Light Library and we're at it again, compiling new work. I've been using the same format for all the covers, with variations in the color of the words and of course, the art. I wanted them to look as if they belonged...
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Sometimes re-writing a novel can be more work than the original writing. That must be why it took me a few days shy of seven months to re-write a previously published novel, A Place Of Belonging. Now, the marketing/publishing work begins: a pithy summary of the book to entice agents and/or editors...
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Now available at lulu.com: http://bit.ly/asrOXb. We will be launching the other series "compilation" books (issues 1-6) later in the week and plan on doing this each time we have 6 issues completed. There's a good chance we will also do a print version for the entire volume.
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I was honored to teach at Gold Rush Writers this weekend.  Antoinette May did a magnificent job of keeping seventy people continually challenged.  We had more participants with higher evaluations than ever before.  Some items that got buzzed up: >  Fiction is getting shorter, again.  Forget...
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Lately, there has been much discussion of publishing in terms of printing vs. digitizing-- books vs. ebooks--and the news swirls in a faster spinning vortex. With the iPad about to debut, there's much speculation on will ebooks become more popular than they are now? "Yes" is the answer...
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I'm prepping the manuscript of my novel So Dark the Night, fiddling with the cover design, composing jacket copy...and, meanwhile, looking into print-on-demand companies. Initially, I was set to go with lulu.com:  the set-up was simple, no frills, seemed to be what I was looking for.  But then me...
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  The forty-billion-dollar book industry is in flux because its old business model of consignment, where bookstores can return unsold books, isn't working, according to a Time magazine article earlier this year. Consignment is great for bookstores, which are squeezed for profit, but the shipping...
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How many authors do you know that would enter a contest for book exposure?  I've known more than a few myself.  It's a good idea because it generates really good sales.   A contest that awards excellence may even get an author noticed by the bigger publishers-- another bonus.  Authors try and do a...