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Imagine my surprise when my cover artist reminds me that we need permission from a vendor prominently displayed on the cover of the new novel, Among Men, and in the bulk of the story, much of which happens around a hot dog cart in New Orleans. I found a great picture and negotiated with the...
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The topic of today's blog was selected by Redroom. It is about luck. There is an old saying that goes something like this [unknown] "...I rather be lucky than smart...". I never thought of myself as particularly smart, but as I was embarking on my higher education I was possessed with...
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When asked what St. Patrick's day means to me, I had, as always, a ready answer, but not one I expected to come up with when I began writing. I had forgotten about a very memorable Irish celebration. What do I think about on the day everyone is Irish and celebrating Erin go bragh?  Pinching, lots...