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  Several weeks ago I blogged about tiger-titled books. Since many of these books relate to Chinese culture, that got me thinking. Are there other common China-themed titles? The concept of luck and fortune is very important to Chinese culture, and certainly hasn't been lost in book titles. I...
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I would have to say Where the Heart is by Billie Letts made a great movie starring Natalie Portman. The movie followed the story of Novallee Nation and her story after her out of wedlock baby Americus was born in a Walmart story and she went on to be a celebrated  photographer. I like this because...
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I never win anything; if I’d bet on the tortoise, the hare would have won.  People hate to go to the race track with me.  When I place a bet on a sure-fire winner, guaranteed to pay off, the horse comes up lame in the stretch.When I go to Vegas, I take in all the shows, because there’s this cloud...
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In life sometimes by some chance luck surpasses talent and intelligence; therefore not every success story is necessarily righteous!
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The challenge has gone out at Red Room to try and get a grip on the insane amount of success, or is it fame?, the pop singer, Justin Bieber, a mere 16 year-old, has risen to in just over a year's time.  Those of my generation are shaking their heads. Justin who? How? What?  Me, I'm a children's...
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Friday the 13th. Almost midnight in Georgia. I am still here. The folks around me are still kicking. My dogs are curled up next to each other out cold from a romp in the hot, humid, summer night air. Not an unlucky day. A day like any other, given a bad rap because of a number. There are issues...
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"Writing is like getting married. One should never commit oneself until one is amazed at one's luck." — Iris Murdoch And a quick reminder that Friday the 13th might be your lucky day! - Meg
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It isn’t half full. It’s full. People don’t realize how lucky they are. Realize is the wrong word. It’s passive and fleeting. As though the important thing were to casually recognize every once in a while that, “Oh yeah, check it out. I guess I’m lucky.” No. We need more than realization. We need...
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  Luck             Daniel Kauneman, a psychologist at Princeton University, who won the 2002 Nobel Prize in Economics (?), was asked to offer a formula for the 21st century. He submitted two: Success = some talent + luck Great success = some talent + a lot of luck           Can success be...
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RedRoom has asked us to blog on luck this week.  Here are poems from two writers who find luck where others might despair.  This poem, posted posthumously in the New Yorker in 1988, within weeks of Raymond Carver’s death from lung cancer, relates how very lucky he felt: Gravy No other word will do...