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Don't worry, dear..Maybe I seem so small,Maybe my features are not yet clear,But I know,I know all..Believe me, fearing heart,I see my wayFrom the first dayGod kissed life Into Adam's gracious body..I knowI will surviveAnd joy I will embody..If only you let me freeFrom the chains of your fears..I...
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OK, I'm not drawn to needy man-children who have just taken an emotional beating from true-loves and certainly can't turn to their dysfuncational families for help. I prefer boys with the courage of adults, like Edgar Sawtelle, to vice-versa. And Woody Allen's so mastered dysfuncational families,...
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New York Times review has hit the streets for Hos, Hookers, Call Girls & Rent Boys: Professionals Writing on Life, Love, Money & Sex, I am ecstatic about this truly min boggling turn of events and want to thank the amazing contributors and everyone who helped w/ special shout out to my boy...
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New Soft Skull anthology Hos Hookers Call Girls & Rent Boys which I wrote it with good friend RJ Martin, has cracked #100 on Amazon
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August 22   FOREVER IS NOT AS LONG AS IT USED TO BE    What time gives in permanence it takes in fluctuation.  The relationships I stand on to reach, with tippy-toed grasp, the light of heaven flutter like flounder disturbed from their sandy bed.  My mind probes the past looking for the shroud...
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Death and destruction came last year and they will be here ill-mannered, drunk, and stinking tomorrow so with your soul right now kiss me to a naked cinder full of un-silent love and grappling, I promise you nations will continue reloading guns and rehearsing stupidity tirelessly so therefore, and...
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So, I am having what you could call a crisis of faith, I suppose. A period of time when what I had previously found through my church no longer seems apparent, and I am facing a decision about what to do next. Organized religion and I don’t have the easiest of histories. As a child, my parents...
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I went to the card store on Monday to buy a card that I knew I would not find. Still, I dutifully walked down the aisle to the Wedding Anniversary section and allowed my eyes to stray over the shelf that celebrates twenty five years of marriage. There were a lots of cards on offer, full of...
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Shockingly, our little book, Hos, Hookers, Call Girls, & Rent Boys: Professionals Writing on Life, Love, Money Sex will be on the cover of the Sunday New York book revue.
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Hidden at the new Immokalee Technical Center (iTECH) in Florida, under the pen name D. K. Christi, is an author with two stories in two recently released anthologies:  The World Outside the Window and Romance of My Dreams.  “Rose’s Question” in The World Outside the Window, explores the themes of...