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    It is not often that the words "military" and "love" are used in the same sentence, unless one is describing the patriotic passion possessed by men and women working in the various branches of the service.  It is true that these soldiers have a love for their country and...
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For so long now, I have attempted to put this book into the hands of a literary agent. I wish so much that they'd read more than just the first chapter or even the first five chapters. Anyway, you'll see me mention it many times in discussions, so here it is,,,,Chapter 1:     Troubled...
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What's in a Cover?  I thought when Arirang: The Bamboo Connection was published it had the most beautiful cover I could imagine for the story.  The romance of Greek mythology figures throughout the novel, and the Parthenon on the bright red cover, two gold bamboo rings representing the unrequited...
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My husband Kenneth and I recently celebrated our sixteenth anniversary.  We flew to Seattle and spent four days exploring the city and doing what we do so well: eating great food. Kenneth started cooking when he was four years old, following his grandmother around the kitchen.  He never uses the...
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Reasons I love London:No Country music!:) Most amount of bookstores per square km anywhere on Earth along Charing Cross Road. Bookstores everywhere! Camden market, Borough Market, Greenwich Market and other markets where people who make or grow stuff can sell it right to the consumers WHSmith,...
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http://www.boomercafe.com/2009/09/11/is-there-sex-and-love-after-50/ Here is a posting/excerpt from my novel "Loving Rabbi Thalia Kleinman" on boomercafe.com, please check it out.
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Tonight, as I walked towards our home, I paused for a moment and looked at the way it stood, silhouetted against the clear, starry night sky. I took in the grand old shape of the building, a converted Victorian mansion built in the 1850s, and then looked to the left to see the dark outline of the...
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        When someone at a foo-foo receptionCuts open my first durian, Far East paradiseFruit, I nearly refuse. I catch a whiffOf brimstone, soiled socks, warehouse #2At Olin Chemical. I smell a girl I didn’t meetIn Saigon, but a bar in Lynn, her accentAll Boston, Irish with a...
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Repentance and redemption are close cousins.  Often, repentance is only fully realized and satisfied when redemption is at hand.  Such is the tale of Ghost Orchid, my next fiction novel soon to be released by L & L Dreamspell.  This story of love, lies and redemption is really the story of a...
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They say a woman is born with all of her eggs in her ovaries unlike a man whose sperm lasts only 72 hours before a new batch is made. Does this mean that we are as old as our mothers? I wonder about genetic memories, memories in the very nuclei of cells and tissue. My mother was born with me...