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Writing gurus often advise to write what you know. I object. Few writers live lives, even episodes, that the average reader would care in the least to read about. So most writers write what they do not know. They write about somebody else and somebody else's experiences. Yet, something of the...
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attraction You’ve always had the idea in the back of your mind to write a novel “someday,” but that’s one elastic time frame. How to make the first move? As with all relationships, the action starts with a spark. For me, it was a TV show documenting an Indian’s decision to leave his family and...
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"If music be the food of love, play on. Let me have surfeit of it that I may sicken and die." ~William Shakespeare - Twelfth Night Music and love, interconnected. Informing and reforming. Music of the spheres -- celestial and human. He gave me music. Whenever our paths crossed he offered...
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              Taken from my Marion Grace novel, THE GODMOTHER, fully written but awaiting editorial attention. Dysfunctional family wrestles in the aftermath of two World Wars in pre-Millennium Britain. Jessica lived on the shadowy side of Bethesda. She was still...