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Harper’s Magazine, November 2013     I remember many years ago, when I was just learning to play guitar, I subscribed to a magazine called Guitar Player, and did I ever learn a lot about the nuances from its articles! I cut out tons of charts, musical pieces, and “how-tos. Most of...
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Cloaked, hooded, and carrying a trunk on her back that included a wedding dress, French girls were brought to Louisiana in the earliest years of 1700 to marry French Colonists. Because the Frenchmen were marrying Indian women, frowned on by their military officers, the French government believed...
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There are places that naturally evoke mystery. Rocky, windswept shores. Dense and shadowy forests. And, perhaps more than any other, swamps. In her novel Swamp, author Karen Yochim skillfully uses the mystery, danger, and lushness of swampland to create a story both realistic and mystical. She...
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Today is the official “Rock the Red Pump® Campaign” Day, a day when bloggers around the country wear red pumps and blog about women and HIV/AIDS to raise awareness of this crisis. Launched by the Office of Women’s Health, NWGHAAD is a nationwide observance that encourages...
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The year is 1990. I’m standing on the Amtrak station platform in Lafayette, Louisiana. We’ll be here for ten minutes and then roll on to New Orleans. I sniff the air and wonder which direction the cemetery is in. How far is it from the station? I was in Lafayette once before, around 1980. That time...
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Natives of Southwest Louisiana (also known as Acadiana and Cajun Country) are currently experiencing a deluge of rain. Our local weatherman is calling it a "flood event." We're considered a large part of "hurricane country," so we're accustomed to torrential rains. The current...
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This past weekend I had the distinct pleasure of attending the 76th International Rice Festival in Crowley, LA. For those of you who may be unfamiliar with Louisiana culture, the state’s Department of Tourism reports that Louisiana holds over 400 festivals every year – and is “often...
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“Are you from New Orleans?” is a question that inevitably comes up at book events for my novel Wading Home: a novel of New Orleans.  “No.” I say to the person who wants to know why I wrote a book set there. And then I go into a long-winded explanation about hanging out in the city on vacations...