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A friend gave me Salinger by Shields and Salerno in hardback, all two-plus inches thick of it, and I’m committed to read it cover to cover.  The center of the book is the unique personality of Jerome Salinger, who experienced WWII by landing in Normandy, participating the Battle of the Bulge,...
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Reading Louis Menand’s feature, “Show or Tell, Should Creative Writing be taught?” in The New Yorker, June 8 – 15. What’s surprising, speaking personally, is the intensity of this longing I have to teach. Working as a (part-time) editor-consultant-coach to a few selected writers, but it’s the...
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Louis Menand's discussion of "the biography business" in his August 6, 2007 New Yorker article, "Lives of Others," contains several observations that interest me greatly in light of my own biographical adventures researching and composing my novel about Rainer Maria Rilke, Lost...