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Funny that the example of a holiday recipe comes from Dickens' A Christmas Carol. My favorite line comes from another Dickens novel, Great Expectations: "A savory pork-pie!" It's my favorite line because I hate pork-pie. All it conjures for me are memories of my mother popping frozen...
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Aug. 19, 2010... 6PM-CST... "A Boomers Social Life" with our "Guest" Lou Macaluso, Founder of Clown Town Communications Company, Speaker and Author of "Clown Town" on "Aging Outside the Box®" Radio Show with National Author/Writer/Syndicated Columnist/Speaker...
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The image that I recall is a line of little kids bawling and clutching their moms who were bawling and clutching their kids. After the painful mother-child separations, Miss Hickey, the kindergarten teacher, took guardianship of us.  Being taught by Miss Hickey was a rite of passage that every kid...