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May 25     Princess No More     Decent is less obvious than accent and so it is with dethroning; those who put you upon the gilt alter with much aplomb  feel no qualm in taking you down with not as much as a word or a grunt.  The wind has changed and your reign is over, the poor startled girl is...
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May 23      The Delano’s    Indifference is the backbone of power.  It is a state of faithlessness, not infidelity, but rank apathy, saving every ounce of ardor for the prize you seek.  I thought I was the prize and I am; I’m just no longer yours.  Cast aside for the leviathan and the miscreants I...
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                I lost my grandmother yesterday.  I will miss her for the rest of my life.  My grandma had the most beautiful soul anyone could ever imagine.  She was the kindest, most gentle-hearted woman in the entire world.  Grandma loved birds.  She loved to hear them chirp and to see them...
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I breast fed my child in this bed and dreamed in this bed and made love in this bed and tossed the blankets until small mountains grew from this bed. I watched the ash tree blossom from this bed and open up into a frenzied green and from this bed saw it gradually die into a brown, weeping mass of ...
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A new essay, on sleep, insomnia, and loss.   See link below:  "Sleep: Loss."  Let me know what you think.  - bh
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Sometimes I think I am fearful of everything. I’d like to say it is a widow trait, but I think I have been like this always. My fears never kept me from doing something, but I worried too much. What if. Then I'd say whatever and get on with it. So afraid my life I loved would change. Then it did,...
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So yesterday ended a case that I have been working on for nearly twelve years, longer than my youngest daughter has been alive.  This was a case we took all the way up to the California Supreme Court and all the way back to where it started.  It was quite a journey and part of me is sad that it is...
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 This post stirred my heart today and inspired me to write about the same subject. It's called "The Necessity of Forgetting (Or: Losing a Father)" by Jane Friedman. I never met my father and yet he's been a distant character hovering at the edges of my life. I've wondered about him and...
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I deleted what I wanted to write. It was too personal. I could not go there. It was impossible to write about anyway and so when I got half way there I realised that I could go no further. Why do we edit ourselves?  I rarely want to do that. Put a plug into my thoughts and keep the water in the...
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“We can only understand what we can name,” writes Edward Hirsh in How to Read a Poem. He relates his grief over the death of a friend, grief that found consolation—and eventually was healed—by poetry. Death is incomprehensible, and therefore for Hirsh, the language of bereavement is expressed in...