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Come on, show of hands. Who has had those recurring dreams about having to go but not being able to find a bathroom? Or you find one, but it’s public, literally. I once thought that those dreams meant a loss of control, figuratively. Then I came to realize they were only a way of waking me up...
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I'm in bed, it's 6.28AM and I'm only half awake. I’m doing some deep breathing, slowly feeding oxygen to my brain. Ideas are starting to bubble. Yesterday, I would have had to get out of bed, put the light on, and grab a pen and paper to scribble semi-legible spider words. Or wait the five minutes...
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I didn't write much so far today. Now it's almost 10 PM and I have to push hard to get some done. What caused my writing collapse? Well, the first distraction was a Margaret Attwood short story, "Underbrush Man", on The Guardian. Naturally I had to look at other articles. Next, I wandered in...
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Why is there no polite word that is truly descriptive for one of the few places I can read in peace these days? I mean, don’t go the restroom because I’m tired. Trying to have a bath in an airport bathroom doesn't bear thinking about. Toilet is just some French word that came from “toile” a...