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When I was a child, I spent a great deal of time alone. My parents were both workaholics, and to compound my issues, my father was a dry drunk and my mother took Librium for 10 years to quell her anxiety. I can think back now and realize that perhaps they just really didn't know how to raise...
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Hey, if you're in SF check out my article in this week's Onion. (dec. 25th-volume 44, issue 52). It's in the AV CLUB section and is called "Lonely Drummer Boy." Unfortunately, it was edited for nice-ness in parts, but you get the idea.
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I  know  you're busy .......,  even   myself.....; Hurry  to the  trishaw .........,  I  travel  to  my  work   place....; Years   have  passed  forty  nine  now..., feels  alone ..yet..  as  a  mid night  dream....; Looking  at  the  screen ... like a  teenager  feels....!   Two  days  gone...