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April 15   TRAP DOOR     The trap door of my mind opens occasionally and I find myself acting out things better left to conversation.  When I leave too many things unsaid, the pressure builds and the door opens.  My thoughts connect with my body minus the benefit of my...
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When Willy Vlautin’s first book, Motel Life, came out, I brought it with me to the beach house where my family (parents, siblings, spouses, kids, etc.) meet up for a week every summer. I read it in an afternoon, loved it, and passed it on. By the end of the week no less than six people across three...
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She sits at the table~ coffee growing cold, as she stares at her face reflected in the glass, rain streaming like tears down her cheeks. ©annettealaine 2014
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  THANKSGIVING     “Watch where you’re going bitch!” Nathan growled.  Some mousy broad had bumped into him.  He hated the city.  Any city.  But especially New York.  There was a grimy quality that he spent hours trying to wash off every night.  He could...
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January 25     LIFE AS AN ELM   I stand tall, my bark sloughing elongated rectangles.  Great bunions of protruding wood, giant bubbles of tight grain grown in reactionary curls, these tumors born of abuse and endured in maturation are harvested in recovery.  The burden of...
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January 11   LONELINESS EATS MY LUNCH   There are days loneliness eats my lunch and I can’t fight back.  How can I stand it?  How can it still be this bad?  I pull out the old chestnuts:  If I’m not happy with what I have, how could I be happier with more?   ...
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Lonely people populate our world like prime numbers in a spreadsheet. We look right over them, through them, and around them if necessary. Remember what your lonesome face looked like in the mirror? It’s scary to remember. High school, college, divorce, death, layoffs, fistfights and illness, they...
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October 16     Autonomic   Alcoholics in isolation go no place good.  Isolation is too expensive to keep; whether it is a bad habit or worse.  How do I hold to a receding thing such as this?  I am amazed that I accomplish this difficult task and fear my ability to do...
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It was the dawn of delectation and the hour of delight, of splendour and glorious auras, of speed and precision on the floor, of merriment and mirth, of golden rapport and concord, and of the brilliant lights. I had gotten myself ready for the main day. It was the day I was to have a presentation...
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THE MAN WHO WATCHED THE WORLD END Chris Dietzel One man’s thoughts as remains in his home secluded from the rest of the world except for his brother. Living in a healthy body but not able to express his thoughts, run, laugh, move or ever speak one man would become his caregiver and the other his...