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September 13     Cadentia   The randomness of love is matched only by the randomness of loss.  What slips into view or out of grasp whispers beyond my control.  Like cookies baking in a nearby oven I long for the sweetness to be inside; even if it is simply in an olfactory...
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June 25       For Want of Frith     I feel like I am standing on a trap door, every flex in my footing triggers insecurity.  With my arms spread wide, I think the wiser move might be to hold them to my sides.  For if the little square did give way my arms might be...
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  March 15   Three Card Monty         When I learn to excel at the good games and learn to leave the bad ones alone I think I will be all right.  Simple enough to do when I can take off this blindfold and see the long term consequences of my pursuits.  Engage...
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  February 14   ONE     One skin One mind One spirit One day   If I live in more than my own skin, I am a body snatcher and ghoul.  If I live in a duality of thought I am ejected, ostensively out of my mind.  If I redouble my spirit the increase takes a dark cold...
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  September 23   WILD     When I run wild through the rain my hair streaming behind me, water fleeing my face, I see with my heart the thousand other rains pouring from my past.  How I peel from me the soaking luggage covering my naked pain.  Nothing drives me to the...
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As I make my way through my music playlist, I find myself yearning for the few simple buttons on the control panel to help manage my life.  Rewind. Play. Fast Forward. Pause. Stop.  I found this image and I think it says it all. I couldn't say it better myself.  
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  May 5   TRANSITIONS     During the months of winter, the trees stand tall and leafless---static in their appearance, frozen in direction.  The insurgence of spring brings to life the truth.  The buds and flowers show the draw of their owners---the pull of life from...
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December 21         Not My Best Friend   No matter how tightly I hug a lump of coal I will not prevail in turning it into a diamond.  Some days I accept this better than others.  My desire may affect the coal, but this affect is not diamond producing; though it...
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September 29     Kicks     New balance is more than a brand of sneakers.  New balance is a joyful revelation made possible through constant vigilance.  I am tap dancing into a vision, no more soft shoed wishfulness.  I can lift my feet knowing I can keep my up...
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  August 21       Hang on or Dance     Because I felt ‘outcomes’ slipping through my fingertips I dug in with my nails, I schemed, plotted, worried, whined.  Lack of power was my problem I thought, but what it came down to was, failure to acknowledge… accept…...