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                       Long excerpt from Charlie's Diary, being the blog of Charles Stross. Link to full below.   “Most people have a very romanticized view of what it is that authors do. Firstly, there's a widespread perception that...
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We live inside a society that wants to exploit art commercially. In a way, they may even make you feel what you do is worthless if no money is ever made, and therefore the real value of art is ignored.  For example, if you are a not known, without important friends, and not published poet, what...
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So a friend read a draft of a story I’m working on, and his reaction was "meh." That’s okay. Not only was it a draft, but I wanted an opinion, not a compliment. Still, he was kinda distant afterward, and for several days when I saw him he remained quiet, answering questions with one...
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Recently there's been an interesting series of posts over at Jim Hines's blog about the pitfalls of being a writer, which are legion. Most of these are things you'll already understand even if you don't write yourself: the sense that your time is never really free because you could always be...
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Real life –– at least as I live it –– is not as dramatic as a good story.  Every morning, I shuffle into the kitchen for a much-needed cup of coffee, read the paper, and then embark on a day filled with extraordinary . . .  routine.  On days when I'm writing, usually the only two characters in the...