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My guest on today's "A Book and a Chat" is Peter Wright, whose born in Liverpool in 1926 has gone through as many stormy seas as he did himself as a sailor. His new book Triumphs and Tragedies describes, as he puts it, "Twenty-five aspects of the life of a Liverpool Sailor....
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Sunday UK Blog - The Beautiful Game Not So Beautiful Around the world Football or Soccer as it's called in America, (don't get me on about how grid iron can be called football when the foot is hardly used) is the most popular team sport. The let's call is Soccer so American's don't get...
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The producers of my play, Murder at the Pelican Club which is to be premiered in Liverpool on 26 November are looking for a Liverpool based Film Maker to make a Murder at the Pelican Club trailer, credited and looped all day in a venue in Liverpool. It will also be shown on You Tube, and excerpts...