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“The trick is to treat fashion seriously,” the photographer said, “even though you’re laughing your ass off as you write. And pay attention to what Coco Chanel believed.”    Kate looked at him.    “Coco believed ‘simplicity is elegance’—and they’ve become the two most important...
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  May 9     The Little Black Dress     The holes in my pockets cause me to feel naked.  Though it is an inside pocket and no one can see through I feel exposed, my thinking changed and for that matter chained, one link looped through the next.  I start with a hole...
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Every woman has a dress that makes them feel like a woman. I have a dress that has been in the back of my closet for quite awhile.  It is one of those dresses that bring with it a wave of compliments; when you wear it people see you differently.  The last time I wore it even though the...
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  May 7   K-TURNS     I do not believe in a universe that makes complete sense.  I often find myself trapped because the things I pull into no longer feel firm.  I attempt K-turns in alleys far too narrow for the maneuver.  I can’t back myself through the passages...