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photo: Picaresque but creepy photo of Madeline Yale Wynne's final little room (sorry), in the Berkshire Mountains, from Find A Grave's website.  (I couldn't find a Wikipedia page or anything else less creepy.)   The latest in the series from The Library of America, this for Week #42, "...
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My new book Fade To Blue is a month away from publication. Man, it's been a long road. Especially since I finished it two years ago. It's like one of those lost albums that's been in the vault because of some disgruntled roadie's lawsuit. But, yes, it's finally coming out. If every single person on...
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My second book, Fade To Blue is finally finished and in copy editing. ARC's will be out in Sept. and the release date is early next year. It's a sort of metaphysical dark comedy that includes illustrations by the fantastic artist Wilfred Santiago (www.wilfredsantiago.com).