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  Haus LebensWert is a philanthropically developed and supported facility in Cologne, Germany where patients may receive oncology services free of charge.  An integral part of Haus LebensWert’s vision and mission is to vigorously help cancer patients cope with life both during treatment and...
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  Understanding how a patient makes sense of chronic or disabling illness can be critical to the effective treatment of that illness.  Repairing the body doesn’t necessarily repair the life. Patients must confront changes to their bodies and in how they live their lives, psychological...
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                I’m reading Dracula for my British Literature class and decided to write my thoughts in the form of my blog.  The first question I have is how in the world did Jonathan Harker escape from Count Dracula and the three scary women?  I thought for sure that Mina would receive word of...
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  It is now a common practice for first year medical students to take part in a ceremony honoring the donors of cadavers used in dissection for the teaching of anatomy. The manner of the students’ participation is up to them; the reading of poetry, including original poems is not uncommon....
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  I think part of the problem with modern “criticism” is that much of it isn’t really criticism, not in the traditional sense. There are few critics today like T.S. Eliot (not going back too far), who wrote about poetry from the standpoint of a core philosophy he had engineered. I don’t...
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I don’t mean to. And when I say I like the suicidal writers I of course mean I like the writing of suicidal writers. I obviously haven’t met Ernest Hemingway or Dorothy Parker or Sylvia Plath, so I can’t say whether I’d like any of them personally. Well… I am reading the Unabridged Journals of...
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DISCUSS   Franz Kafka
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I'm increasingly leaning toward getting an e-book reader and have checked out several types and platforms. The eBookwise 1150 is still the top contender, but I'm being drawn to the dark side and considering the Kindle. I said it was the dark side. While investigating the Kindle a little more I...
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Welsh Icons ("an Encyclopedia and Gazetteer of Wales and all Things Welsh - A Cymrupedia if you like."...uh, "Cymru" being the Welsh word for Wales.) lists me among the "iconic" writers on its site. That puts me in the company of thriller king Ken Follett, sinister...
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Author Corey Redekop somehow located a copy of my 1997 short story collection The Reality Machine and gave it a glowing write-up on his blog.  Corey's the author of a wonderfully anarchic debut novel called Shelf Monkey (ECW Press) and I'm, obviously, pleased when a writer of his calibre praises my...