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The anthology was prominently displayed in the bookshop. Quickly, I scanned the contents pages under J for Jansen op de Haar. Damn it, I wasn’t in it. Yet, at the same time, I realised that this could provide opportunities. Appearances as ‘The Poet They Left Out’ on radio and TV. My nominated poem...
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“You’ve got to look on the bright side.” Have you? Why? I’m not being awkward here. Just lucid. Because though I love life and rarely wake without a sense of cheerful expectation (it’s not a pretty sight, but I generally try to keep it to myself), I do know that downbeat stuff is a lot more potent...
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I have observed in this space before that author bios tend to be short on interesting detail and overfull of prize lists. Philip Roth, for example, doesn’t seem to exist, according to his bio. He doesn’t live anywhere, nor was he born. He simply receives prizes. This week I’m reading a very good...
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Last Wednesday in a New York City ceremony, short story writer Anthony Doerr of Boise, Idaho, took the stage and accepted The Story Prize for his collection Memory Wall, a book of six stories set in locales across the globe and sharing memory as a key element. The $20,000 award Doerr received, in...
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It's my great pleasure to announce the three winners of this year's Mona Schreiber Prize for Humorous Fiction and Nonfiction. 1st Place ($500): "A Little Toilet Drama" by Sharon Rina de Villiers, Durban, South Africa   A woman's desperate letter to her husband-to-be, locked in a...
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Man Booker Prize: high-risk readingMan Booker judge Frances Wilson reveals what went on behind the scenes, and how the winner wasn’t even entered by his publisher. Howard Jacobson with his book 'The Finkler Question' Photo: AP Forget reading for pleasure: reading is a high-risk activity, at least...
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        President Václav Klaus receives literary prizeČTK | 23 September 2010 Letohrad, East Bohemia, Sept 22 (CTK) - President Vaclav Klaus yesterday received the annual Egon Erwin Kisch Prize for non-fiction for Czech writers for his book The Seventh Year, Miroslav Kucera, secretary of the Non-...
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From significant advances in the field of personalized medicine–– which uses information regarding an individual’s specific genetic make-up and environment to diagnose and treat diseases–– to the awarding of the Nobel Prize to five brilliant women and the “miracle on the Hudson,” the year 2009 is...
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The celebration of one literary laureate kicked off when the Swedish Academy in Stockholm awarded the 2009 Nobel Prize for Literature to German-Romanian Herta Mϋller October 8, 2009. The celebration of another literary laureate got underway October 7, when Amiri Baraka, one of African America's...
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Lost in Hindsight is up for THE Pulitzer Prize (for book of Poetry) 2009*, I'm Very excited and was recently informed of the nomination, so the blog's up linked with Amazon ask away. More to come thanks for reading. CSL        (*May be a day or two before official or listed by Prize)