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What's YOUR idea of the Afterlife? Mine is a big party where we get to talk and talk all night.... http://www.literarymama.com/columns/solo/archives/2010/postmortems_premortems_and_par.html
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"It's January 2000, and Bill, Annie, and I are on an island in Thailand, at the very spot where, almost five years from now, a tsunami will engulf and destroy thousands. I don't know this, of course. Yet I am afraid, filled with a sense of dread and doom unlike anything I have ever felt...
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My most recent Solo column is up at Literary Mama --"The Two-Legged Stool on Vacation." "A couple of years ago in Oaxaca, Mexico, I met a widow in her mid-seventies who was traveling the world with her husband's ashes, leaving bits of them in all the places they'd been together. I...
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Hundreds of thousands of readers. Over 500 comments. Fan mail. Blog entries about me. Well, I certainly didn't expect all that, as I sat writing my opinion piece for AOL's ParentDish.  The verdict was mixed: I'm either a wonderful, supportive, wise parent.... or I am decidedly not.  I think the...
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I have a new column up at Literary Mama… “Traveling alone for the first time since Bill died, I arrive in Budapest, Hungary to teach a one-week seminar at the technical university. I’d planned to fly to Paris after the seminar, and then, four days later, home. But the day after my arrival in...
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I'm back at Literary Mama with a new column called Solo, about my life as a solo mother after an unexpected tragedy, about my impending solo life as my 17-year-old prepares to leave the nest, and about my evolution into a solo performance artist. My first column is called, "Solo Means You're...
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It felt good to get back to writing my column this month with a reminiscence of our trip to Paris this summer. Here's an excerpt: When the chance came to spend a week in Paris this summer, my mind filled with visions of Nutella crepes, red wine at sidewalk bistros, and sunset walks along the Seine...
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I've been hinting at this for weeks, and now I can write about it! My new Red Diaper Dharma column is now up at Literary Mama. It's called "My Upcoming Life as a Part-Time Wife," and it just goes to show you the road of life still has a few twists and bends to it...! Here's an excerpt:...