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Drama City by George Pelecanos is an absorbing crime novel because it focuses more on intricacies of character than it does on crime itself. Beyond that, it shines a bright light on two protagonists who are in the struggling phase of crime-blemished life where, from the beginning, one senses they...
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Mine was a successful trip to the New York Pitch Fest, run by the Algonkian Writers Group.  The conference was comprised of sixty writers across a variety of genres.  My group of fifteen, mostly general or upmarket women’s fiction, was headed by a nurturing and industry-fluent former...
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Chuck and I are anxiously awaiting the highlighting of our book The Brothers’ Keepers in the next Red Room Newsletter.  Hopefully we will be able to engage Red Room readers in a discussion of our work.  We had several presentations on the book this last spring and Chuck had a booksigning...
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The new Facebook page for "The Sense of Touch" may be found here: https://www.facebook.com/TheSenseOfTouchByRonParsons?ref=hl Please feel free to kick the tires and look around... - Ron
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  I am thrilled to announce that The Venus Trilogy has a new home with Sibling Rivalry Press. Both Conquering Venus and Remain In Light will be republished very soon in brand new paperback and eBook editions. We already have gorgeous covers, courtesy of graphic...
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     Since my last journal entry, The Object has received a few nibbles but no bites.  While most responses were familiar form letters (“Dear Author”), a number of agencies eased into the rejection by beginning, “the concept of your novel is intriguing, the protagonist...
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Please read my short short "Sunday Dinner" at The Community Storyboard (http://neverendingstorydepository.wordpress.com/2013/05/31/sunday-dinner/) and stay to read other wonderful stories and poems.
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Writers are a bit like gardeners. We plant seeds, lots of seeds, and hope they'll sprout and take hold in the muck that fertilizes such things and helps them grow. Like gardeners, we don’t always succeed. But when we do, and the result of our meticulous tending blooms, it’s a moment of such pride...
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Author Lyn Fairchild Hawks joins us to discuss her journey as a writer, her collection of short stories The Flat and Weightless Tang-Filled Future as well as a brief reading from two of the stories. To save this program to a portable device please right click the image below and select "...
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I’m a firm believer that you can tell a lot about a writer’s ability by how well they are able to write a short story and author Lyn Fairchild Hawks collection of short stories The Flat and Weightless Tang-Filled Future is a very good indication that this lady is headed places in the literary...