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The Hummingbird Review Spring 2013 issue is now live on Amazon. The current issue features Hollywood-themed poetry and essays by our esteemed cast of new and established authors, including Dances With Wolves author Michael Blake, extraordinary poet Martin Espada, screenwriters Adam Rodman and David...
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Why a Hollywood theme for the next issue of our literary anthology, The Hummingbird Review? I did not choose the topic; the theme declared itself. It began with a phone call from my cousin. “Charlie, guess who’s sitting on my sofa?” I was silent.  “Bobby.” No common relative or...
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Call for submissions. The Hummingbird Review is looking for: 1) Essays that demonstrate the relationship between the literary arts and Hollywood, either through movies that refer to literature (Dead Poets Society, Love Song for Bobby Long, Shakespeare In Love, etc.) or treatments of classic novels...
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  On February 28th, 2012, an excerpt from "Jet Black and the Ninja Wind,"  the YA novel-in-progress by Leza Lowitz and Shogo Oketani about a kick-ass female ninja who fights to save her ancestral home in Tohoku and its indigenous tribal treasure, was published in the anthology...