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She tore the hems from with out of her skin. Daunting and restless single key voices came from each open wound. Neither this nor that makes any sense. A curving sharp edge of the knife in her hand cuts the end of the thread. Wayward theatrics of bodily fluids- spore out conclusions of a worn out...
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  The pressure is on, the noises are gone, the suspension is off and dying for anchor.  Fussy filthy jealousy scanter ‘cross the highways and interstates, hot engine breath, grinding rotors, not less pass the get away, a treasury place, a hole in the ground, cold enough to freeze a living...
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It takes one breath to forget where your’e at It takes two steps to figure it out What’s gone wrong What’s gone right What’s to care Where is anywhere Bee’s swarm overhead Bumbling Bee’s Retroactive I’m not scared Don’t care I rely on still body My still body repair One breath determines I am...
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Isn’t she rather aging  Around the eyes See crows feet And dandruff on the cuff of her collar Miss Aldar reaching past 40 Gaining weight in the rump, above the pelvis She’s I like her She wasn’t here this morning The principal called her house No one answered They got a hold of the neighbor...
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The fallow wind fall The Pity Pin fall Crouching curled  9 past 4 Rest No more Hear the blinking charming Hearing the charming bell ringing Hear the ringing clanking Hearing the rust chipping Cradled on the floor Zest pass furlong no more Strange Woman at the door She is I I am she She is He...
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  I’m dancing with light figures I’m loose I’m way up in the Northern region Where coffee tastes like chocolate Sputtering breasts of birds chirping Smoking coats on curb corners Layout ever-bursting white shadows on grey walls Parallel Walls stand on flat land rest under snow spread sky dust...
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Poetic prose.  Very funny.  Tragic.  Humane.  I was reading her first, The Liar's Club, and when I stalled on that, I picked this one up, the third of her trilogy, and I could not put it down.  Very intelligent; very dense.  An interview in the back of the book points out that Karr threw out...
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I feel like a little randomness is in order.  Lots of separate thoughts running around in here that need to come out, so here we go:   --I just bought a wireless keyboard and mouse because my mouse had just died, and buying both was only about six bucks more than buying the mouse.  Result...
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Wow!  Has it been 5 days since the last post?  Well, time flies when you have the blahs.  Which I do.  Big-time.  It hasn't helped that I'm back at work, getting caught up, going through piles and piles of things and writing out tons of forms.  Also I had a competition of something I coach, and we...
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My latest find is Mary Karr, famous for her memoir trilogy: The Liar's Club, Cherry, and Lit.  I've wanted to read the first for a long time, but was put off by the criticism I'd heard that, despite being a great writer, she'd tended to frankly whine about her usually-deranged mother too much. ...