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Just at the edge of darkness, where the light of our fire does not penetrate, an elephant thunders by, trumpeting the whole way, a classic illustration of the Doppler Effect, sound that condenses, rises in pitch, crescendos, blows by, drops pitch, recedes.  We lift our heads in surprise....
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I like this idea - what would the major character from works of literature be listening to on their iPod? It is a fun speculation. However I must - OK, I will - point out that Kafka himself was tone deaf. While once staying in a small village he complained that it was his luck to be across the...
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I was on the radio this morning speaking about curiosity. What does it mean to be curious? One of the listeners on the program noted that asking questions is "an inquisitive way to learn what coworkers and supervisors expect of you".  Her statement made me pause. Sure! Ask questions to...
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Think about all those people you listen to throughout your day. Do you know that you can hear what others are saying without listening to the message? In order to listen you will have to actively get involved in the process of thinking about the words and their meaning. Listening takes thought and...
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I hear the ruffling of coconut palms outside my window. It’s a breezy 6 am gloomy morning.   Running water, the kettle whistling, cupboards open and close. Everyone awake.   Stillness. I hear my thoughts loud and clear.  
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It’s a pity not knowing what to do with time and space in between. Sitting on top of the career ladder, one’s world is everything but silent. Decisions to make, meetings to attend… rush, rush, rush.    The lull in between comes and goes but when it arrives and stays a while… uh oh…  What to...
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March 5     What and When, When and How……and Why     Arriving at the place where I have nothing to prove, afforded me the luxury of not having to proclaim the amount of time I have, when I share in a meeting.  Taking the score keeping out of the equation I was then able to think...
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A friend of mine told me about her daughter's trip to France this summer.  She had planned for months after  she found out about the possibility of a homestay for three weeks with a family in the mid-south region of the country.  She had studied French at her small high school for the previous...
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In my lifetime I have written poetry for a number of reasons. Looking back through a notebook-full of them spanning 50-some years I realize I’ve spontaneously used verse as a release –rhythmic expressions arising from otherwise jumbled circumstances. The poem below came to me in a tall forest...
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The year I was nine my family traveled to Switzerland, my father’s homeland, where we lived for six months with my aunt Liseli in the lovely hamlet of Brienz. The garden in back of our family’s 300-year-old chalet opened directly onto the lakeshore promenade with spectacular views of the...