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January 22     THE MUSIC   I hear a tinkling noise and look around the room.  No, it’s coming from my head.  It’s the sound of the music of my life.  The bells, a horn or two, the strings, always the strings.  The sharp clear cry of the vixen, calling from the...
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January 14     GRAVITY WORKS ALL THE TIME   Limits and boundaries are a drag.  I hate feeling tied to the ground.  I know I could fly if not for unseen forces.  I sense myself lightening, smoothing, I drop my burdens; I pick up speed.  Fourth dimension!  Hell...
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This is just about the best example of someone finally reaching their limit. It's an instance of people accepting things until they are personally affected.  It's often called NIMBY - Not In My Back Yard - like, "I believe nuclear power is safe, I just don't want a nuclear power plant built...
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  November 29   ENDLESS PASTA         Having limits in a seemingly limitless universe makes me feel horribly inadequate.  I am a sad little creature in the face of overwhelming tasks.  Pressure and unwarranted ego compress my ability and eager disposition....
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  March 9   PICTURES AND FRAMES     I paint my way into the corners of the frame.  Each picture I fill diligently, color, texture, all the tricks I use.  I work hard to get the desired effect.  I hold nothing back; I put heart and hopes forward.  I load my...
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Here is an article focused on helping younger kids get the sleep they need: http://psychcentral.com/lib/2011/hints-to-help-kids-get-enough-sleep/
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October 28     Picard   The little tin whistle I yearn to play squeaks in my head warning that I have no time to learn and a tin whistle though slender is not easy.  I think if I had a magic wrinkler for time I might learn, I remember characters that have, but I rethink this and...
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January 24     The Max Factor     I apply foundation and rouge to make up the difference between reality and expectation.  My composition is unexamined by onlookers; appearance is the subliminal standard bearer.  My brave face is plaster cast as an estimation and a singularity.  Powder gives and...
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The Monday before Thanksgiving day, I ventured into a dark reality. It began that morning, after consulting with my insurance company on the coverage limitations for leaky roof repair costs and peaked a couple of hours later when I received an overdraft notice from my bank. Unsettled and...
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“You now have unlimited storage,” says the message when you check your mail. Does everything not have a limit? I may not have to worry about deleting large files, forwards, links…they can all remain where they are. New ones will come and my space would accommodate all of these. You know something?...