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expat+HAREM loves to consider how our mindset changes our place in the world. Today we’re talking with wise living coach Tara Sophia Mohr about how we can actualize our larger worldview. TAPPING INTO OUR BIGGEST SENSE OF SELF e+H: Tara Sophia, thanks for joining us today. With globalization and the...
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In keeping with this month's blog theme of "When I Grow Up," I am posting an excerpt from my novel-in-progress, tentatively entitled With Fitzgerald In Limbo:         Slowly, and to my great solace, the world I had known receded before me.  As it left my view, I was struck by how...
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I was in elementary school the first time I heard the word euthanasia. Sister Mary Something (whose exact name was lost through time) was at the head of our class describing her time in India. Of course, it was more than just a casual account of her journey. She was tactfully teaching the...