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[Be careful in here, readers; it’s a bit steamy]     My Cognitive Psychology class confirmed the matter of the twenty years old lotion bottle.  At least from a scientific perspective.  “Olfactory cues can trigger powerful memories and emotional responses,” Dr. Kroll had said....
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I've been on the road for speaking engagements, the proximate cause of my recent blog pause. I tend to write here when something worth sharing crystallizes in my mind. But travels notwithstanding, the truth is that just lately, it's been hard to find the crystals in the fog of reactivity. My...
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This is a profoundly confusing (and almost irresistibly depressing) moment in our political culture. Reactivity is at such an all-time high, a visitor from outer space could be forgiven for concluding that in the U.S., anyway, we humans lack any access to the neocortex, while our reptilian brains...
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How Does Poetry Work?   Reprinted from “Musings,” Outlook, October 8, 2009   Any attempt at answering that question is doomed to be inadequate for the simple fact that what we call poetry varies greatly and works in an incomprehensible range of ways.  Nevertheless, as Robert Frost said, “...