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What a week! Monday, March 31, brought thunder so loud that it sounded as if a bomb had detonated. (The force of the noise blew out windows and set off car alarms.) The accompanying lightning was so powerful that it exploded a few massive redwood trees around the area, sending wood fragments flying...
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  After a storm in Albion; for perspective, that's a bulk petroleum plant lit up in the distance.     SLIGHTLY OFF THE MARK                 I’ve been complaining about winter weather in a lot of my columns, so I thought...
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Sixteen-year-old Heather Lucas is playing soccer one day when she’s hit by lightning, leaving her with a weird scar on her hand. The girl who she clashed with when she got struck dies. Thus Heather becomes the odd one at school, the one everyone whispers about. To make matters worse, her mom...
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Cold after the storm.  Rare thunder and lightning in the Bay Area.  Funny, coming from the Midwest, I remember the dynamic, assertive crashes of the the thunder.  Thunder here, once every couple of years, but more lately, is rolling, more like an empty boiler being dumped over....
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At 1:55 a.m. Saturday evening, the loudest clap of thunder in the United States shook our house like a 4.0 earthquake.  (I haven’t been in an earthquake; it might have been a 5.0 or 6.0 magnitude.) I nudged RJ. “Did you feel that?” RJ mumbled. (The next morning he said the thunder became a bomb in...
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I don't think I've ever tittered before. I'm not even sure what a titter is. But when the question hit me, that's what I began to do. "Why don't we just have sex? Right now." Clint and I don't have sex. He and his brothers live down the street and serve as my surrogate family at the...
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Boer War records show 86 were struck by lightningGetting struck by lightning was a real hazard for British soldiers in the Second Boer War, according to military records put online for the first time. By Stephen Adams On one occasion two soldiers were killed within moments of each other, when...
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As I sit listening to only the whir of the Bahamas fan and no other sound, I realize that I spend many hours in silence.  At one time, my windows were so weak and ill fitting that I could hear the outdoor sounds of cars on the street, talking next door, birds calling and even garage doors opening...
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When lightning strikes …  Yesterday I watched tree people prune the branches of the magnolia tree in my daughter’s garden in Vancouver, Canada. If you have ever seen a magnolia tree in bloom, it’s an unforgettable sight. This cutting, of course, was in pre-bloom period because the tree had grown...