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Michelle Watling couldn't explain the sense of home she felt as she pulled into the parking lot of Blackheart Point Lighthouse, her new job and her new home.  Nor could she explain the presence of that man on the widow's walk...was that a Pirate? Or her destiny? http://www.amazon.com/...
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For me, a lighthouse is a symbol of friendship. I am drawn to lighthouses. They say that you cannot choose your family, but you do choose your friends. I often wonder about this. People come and go from our lives, some by chance, some by our own determination, some by a greater kind of design. We...
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Here's another Snippet for you! Still ONLY 99 cents! Download it today! Makes for a great quick read for a wait at the dentists office! LOL Michele felt the iciness of his touch even though...she shouldn’t have been able to, and the heat itgenerated in the core of her, was a shock to her system....
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Announcing new release Blackheart Point - Paranormal Romance Short Story Michele Watling was running from her past when she took the museum curator job in the seaside town of Blackheart Point, Maine. Little did she know that she woud be sharing the museum and Lighthouse with a sexy pirate ghost....
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The handwritten sign says “Rock Island Café,” and the only thing on the menu is fresh berries during this time of year. The sequence begins with strawberries in early July, then raspberries and thimbleberries. As summer inches into fall, blackberries ripen. You won’t see an actual restaurant, and...