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While on assignment in Vietnam a few years ago, I turned into a smoker, at least temporarily. I resisted at first, but my new acquaintances thought I was standoffish. My interviews didn't go very well. So, given all the second hand smoke, I gave in. I took cigarette offers and, in fact, bought...
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Months ago, I was listening to an interview with then Presidential Candidate, Donald Trump who was discussing his business, lifestyle, and overall viewpoints on how he came to be who he was. His father had been a big time influence on him, and his mother, and those of past generations of his...
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Food and I go way, way back.  We are long time, intimate buddies, a relationship built on desire, need, and practicalities.  My first squalid romance with food involved canned spinach.  I loved to eat it.  I loved to put it on my head.  I loved to smear it on my high chair tray.  Sadly, there is...