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Creepy. Slithering. Slimy. I think we waste words... The other day, the pest control guy was called in. The marketing ploy of this company is that their product is safe and odourless. He applied some gel in the nooks. "Is it safe?” I asked. "Yes, yes, very safe." Then he started...
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The kid walked down Fountain Avenue. Thirteen, fourteen years old, gaunt, shabbily dressed. He had been crying. His eyes were red. There was no one else around, the streets pretty empty, as they usually are on this day, especially the morning. He said, ``Mister, do you know if there's a pet shop...
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My Christmas spirit is, in a baseball term, on the disabled list.  Call me Scrooge, Heat Miser or any of the other heinous characters that have defined the souless during the Christmas season, but I won't apologize for my emotions.  See, I was already indifferent towards Christmas. Spiritually, I...
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       Nope! I haven't vanished. I've just been very busy. I had to come in and share my thoughts.      Ever feel like you are battling a no-win scenario? I believe in Star Trek it was referred to as the Kobiyashi Maru (No I'm not sure of the spelling:).      Like Kirk in Star Trek, I do not...
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I have surprised myself a little today. I have been going through my notebooks. Saving what has promise. Trashing what in my mind was unsavable. As I went through my things I got this brain storm in my head. I decided to write my life story. I don't know why. I mean I haven't done anything yet that...
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In the interest of not having screwed formating (which happens no matter how I blog here - cut and paste or write directly into this blog) My latest entries are here:  http://catconnor.blogspot.com/ Enjoy! 
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When I was a child, I had new beginnings, just like any other children. I was born in Oullins (France) and I had partially grown in both France and Republic of the Congo. When I moved to the Congo, things were also great for the first time and I was always hopeful. But...when I was four, I was...
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Here I am, almost sixty-four-years old. I could have never imagined as a little girl growing up southern California that my life would be so full at sixty-four. My thoughts as a child were only to marry a loving man who was kind and generous; have two beautiful children that were perfect in every...
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December 16   GOOD SAMARITAN PIE    The meal prepared from my cognition, the bread and jam of humility, salad of expectation, roast of determination and Good Samaritan pie, wait on the table to be devoured.  The courses pass and come dessert my kindly intentions are cut to wedges and pushed from...
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I remember when I was in fourth grade we sat in Mrs. Dundon's class figuring out how old we were going to be in the year 2000. I was going to be 30. To my little fourth grade mind that sounded so old. I recall thinking to myself, “I'll be too old to even enjoy it. But maybe at least I'll still be...