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It's the age of action, a commercial proclaims as a man drives his old pick up truck along, towing a horse trailer.  The commercial talks about how he knows what to do, how he doesn't get upset, as the truck gets stuck.  He leads his horses out of the trailer, hooks them up to the truck...
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How do you start a blog I wonder. I mean - what do you say? Do you begin with the usual 'hi, my name is...' or do you do the whole, 'run before you walk' thing and just throw yourself in there, you can see where I'm going... Why am I here? Well, since all of us are here for mostly the same thing -...
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Sunday, December 28, 2008 Learned in 2008 Over at Shutter sisters today's post is about what we learned this year and one picture that we feel shows what we learned. After thinking about it for years, I finally took a lighting class. Once I did I found I loved it and now have three lights. I use...