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These squally grey days of late have managed to finally strip the Ash tree and now it stands unadorned and open to the unrelenting elements. Still, it is beautiful. Like an elegant candelabra on a mahogany dining table, crisp white linen, the hiss and spit of a lively fire in the grate, the promise...
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I've heard it said that "old age is not for sissies." Well, I'm here to tell you that is VERY true. How do I know? According to my physical therapist, whose title was "Senior Physical Therapist Director," I am a "senior" which indicates to me that I must now be in "old age." What do I think about...
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Upsy downy bog road and I have taken the wrong turn and end up where the pot-holes and bends cause a slight unease and an urgent honking of the horn at the rise of a small hill, an obscure point of vision, a situation that causes me to chance the next quarter of a mile with all the strength that  I...