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IN SEARCH OF TRUTH LIFE AFTER DEATH Truth is bitter, this is not just a saying, but truth is really bitter,  we are subjected  everyday to modified, codified, ratified, acceptable, peer approved stories, events, happenings, faces, theories, versions of all events around us. Be the events presented...
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Heathcliffe was nine years old when she died -- pretty old for a rabbit. She came to get me that day. I was reading on our screened porch, its view of the mountainous southeast corner of Rocky Mountain National Park just visible above the pages.  Her steps, uncharacteristically loud, got my nose...
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I seem to have an unusual interest in reincarnation, the spirit world, and how it all effects us personally. I have always had an obsession with Scotland & England. As outrageous as it sounds, I believe I have lived there at one time. Outrageous because I have never crossed the ocean in my life...