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So it's been a month, eh? Whoops. To say that time has been running away with me lately would be understating things. Part of that is actually due to this fellow right here: Yep. Those of you who read the acknowledgements in Light know that there was a promise there to my husband. The Cat-Dog...
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Who wants to take the time to read books if you are in one of these stunning libraries. I wonder how long it would take, if you became a regular patron, to concentrate on words for any length of time. "Shh - people gawking." [DE] * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Admont Library Where: Admont,...
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Two weeks into her widowhood, as snow fell gently on the village of Great Neck, my Mom unsuccessfully sought solace from the Great Neck Public Library. As snow began, Mom knew she would be housebound for a few days. She called the Great Neck Public Library to see if they still had a book that she...
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Here is a quick round up of the highlights of 2013, videos and photo slide show to come in following blogs.  My thanks to all my readers, my publishers, to the libraries and organisations who have hosted my talks, to the audience who have come along to listen to me talk, to the press, radio...
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Short post, long opportunity to look at beautiful libraries.
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The New York Times news article on the upcoming auctioning of one of the first public library books in the US isn’t the price it’s going to fetch.  The important issue, to me, is the shrinking public access to libraries and resources.  Privatization is a genuine threat to the public...
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"Books?  Yes, we have books." A look to the future.
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The second day of my mini book tour of South Wales on 3 October 2013 on the publication in the UK of the tenth in the DI Andy Horton crime series, Death Surge, started with a coffee and a lovely walk along the delightful seafront in Porthcawl (town by the sea) where I picked up some amusing and...
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I'm not convinced that people travel so they can browse the library which their hotel provides, but it is a nice thought. We recently stayed in upscale accommodations in a historic building from the last century, if not the one before that. It had all the modern conveniences (you betcha...
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My Books (some of them) If you've ever seen Disney's Beauty and the Beast and you're a book-oholic like I am, your dream house might include a library like the one in the Beast's castle. You know the kind – book-filled shelves stretching into the stratosphere, complete with those rolling...