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This commentary is rated MA for mature audiences. It contains some foul language, although honestly, only so much as is needed to get the damned point across. Parental discretion is advised… Attention to all self-proclaimed liberals and progressives. I would like to properly introduce you to a...
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Another version of this piece, with video is available at my webpage, A Curious Man.   As the first video images of Friday’s earthquake in Japan tumbled across the computer screen, I immediately e-mailed a friend whose wife is Japanese—fortunately, both live in the U.S.—to ask if her family...
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Although he insists he wasn't named for the emotionally deranged, greed-loving, altruism-bashing author, Ayn Rand, U.S. Senate candidate Rand Paul's views are just a little too similar to those of the mother of Objectivism--as are the views of his father, libertarian Congressman Ron Paul--to take...
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I am having an identity crisis.  They come along from time to time.  I am especially prone to them around the times of major congressional actions.  There was an Attican Greek word for it - idiom is the closest translation surviving today.  It is the state of disagreeing with the actions of the...
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At first it seemed little more than a bizarre rant, only slightly worse than those to which we've grown accustomed, given the source. To wit, Rush Limbaugh, who on September 11 condemned President Obama for speaking that day about community service, and encouraging young people to become involved...