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Long gone are the days when blogs are just an amusing side-note to print as a way of promoting books. Case-in-point: Liar's Diary Blog Day. Today, some 300 bloggers are joining together to promote the paperback release of Liar's Diary, by Patry Francis. Anyone who has published a book knows that,...
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Patry Francis is an artist. Not just a writer; she’s one of those soulful beings we all want to be. She has an indefinable spirit and essence, the dynamics of which builds into the enviable psyche of a true poet. Without a doubt, her images will haunt you. But most importantly, she’s able to...
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Here's wishing all the best to Patry Francis and her book, "The Liar's Diary." Hope it flies off the shelves! --Bella 
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Throwing my hat into the ring for supporting Patry Francis, who has battled more than most of us must in her efforts to get Liar's Diary into publication. Best of luck to you, Patry. RR
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 I don't know Patry Francis personally but I am touched by the amount of support by her friends to let people know about her book. Please check out her personal website and consider buying a copy of The Lion's Diary. Here, in Patry's words, are what her book is about: "Though my novel deals...
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 Today we are celebrating the wonderful Patry Francis and the paperback release of her novel, THE LIAR's DIARY. In support of Patry Francis and this remarkable blog initiative, Penguin Group USA would like to offer 15% off the paperback edition of The Liar’s Diary when purchased online from us....