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Anna Karenina – Section Seven, by Leo Tolstoy  image via hostilework.blogspot.com There’s been a slowly fructifying issue in the story to date, and I haven’t been giving it its due: that Lévin is slowly creeping toward an existential showdown within himself over religious belief. In this...
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                              High Dudgeon: The Right Wing is Offended   The right wing is in high dudgeon: they have been accused of inciting violence through political attacks and virulent talk radio invective. What? Right wing radio filled with ugly and irresponsible invective? Right wing radio...
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    I thought this an interesting review.  Levin is my favorite character in the book so I have some disagreements such as; Levin womanish at the end? is being womanish a bad thing? isn't aspiring to oneness a Buddhist principal?  What do you think?   Anna Karenina: great novel, shame...