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“Are you from New Orleans?” is a question that inevitably comes up at book events for my novel Wading Home: a novel of New Orleans.  “No.” I say to the person who wants to know why I wrote a book set there. And then I go into a long-winded explanation about hanging out in the city on vacations...
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Tim Wise's blog post about the comparisons made between Nashvillians and New Orleanians after their disasters (levees broke in New Orleans and the Cumberland River overflowed) reminded me of an essay of mine that appeared in the Spring issue of Stanford University's Black Arts Quarterly. Carrying...
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Time Wise's post prompted me to post this essay, which appeared in the 2008 Spring Issue of Black Arts Quarterly.   The night I arrived in Singapore to start my Fulbright fellowship was the day my mother and stepfather returned to New Orleans to see what broken levees had left for them. I...
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I've taken a brief break from working on my next novel to blog about the oil spill in the gulf.  Initially, I was not that bothered by it, but one of my friends who now lives in Korea posted on Facebook how she couldn't believe there seemed to be no solution to this problem, and I started reading...
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With timing I'd like to claim as atypical but is probably the opposite, we are trying to sell our house. That puts me somewhere near the bleeding edge of the rather remarkable shakeout we are now experiencing. The image that keeps coming to me is a Gargantuan dog arising from slumber, noisily...