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  May 17     Underoos       Why is it that I store undies I never wear in my panty drawer and leave no room for my favorites?  Why is it that I have things in cupboards that have not seen the light of day in years, but they are kept as sacred?  I don’t use my...
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Mom always kept a clean house. She had a good a system. Most everything was organized. All on the outside, that is.   Now I clearly understand why I enjoy doing laundry. It’s not just the sorting of dirty clothes on the outside. It’s also an inner cleansing that happens as I separate whites...
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Faith is believing that time will extend long enough for me to study for my final exam. Faith is trusting in my ability to deliver my best presentation. Faith will help me stretch my patience. The journey will allow me keep on trying. Ill keep on flowing like a river that never ends. Faith means...
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Silver lining in a cloud indeed! Just when I thought I was slipping, I am pulled back up on my feet. A force of energy emerged from nowhere opening a tiny window that allowed me to breathe. And then just as I caught my breath a door swung open! For a moment I was doubtful but I heard a voice...
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I visited my father today. “Is she fair?” “Tell her I want to speak to her alone.” Daisy the help whispered to me when I arrived. She’s been with the family for 40 years.   What kind of a question is that? I don’t think he should give up all to easily. I don’t want to speculate either but how...
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Another year gone by since mom’s passing… She came to visit in my dream last night. She looked older, gray hair down to her shoulders. I can’t seem to recall what we talked about. But I remember her warm and gentle smile. She looked youthful and her presence assured me that all is well.   Her...
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It's not difficult but we make it so. The pathway to spiritual growth unfolds naturally. It is the path of letting go. In the last blog, What Is Faith? I made the point that faith is the Divinely-given capacity to let go - to live in uncertainty, to give up control. The ego in you will almost...
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My head pounds with confusion, I'm trying so hard to hold on. My hands are clenched into fists, knuckles white, jaw tight.   But why am I trying so hard to hold onto impermanent things? Why do I worry about what has passed, when I have you standing next to me? © annettealaine-2013
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I’m looking out the window on a flight from Louisville to Atlanta where I’m helping a congregation redefine its understanding of mission and then recast a vision for their future. I’ve been reflecting on the meaning of faith. What is faith? What I realize today is that, more than at any other time...
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Sweet Sweet Surrender By Bernadette A. Moyer Surrender as in letting go of control and to yield to power. I am thinking about surrender in the sense of letting go and accepting that we are not in charge, there is a greater power. Our world and our existence here is bigger than just us. Not one of...