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When my first husband walked out on us, my oldest took it the hardest.  Days and weeks passed and he adapted.  On the way home from school on day, he told me that if I didn't cheer up he was going to drop me off at a bar and leave me there till I found someone and cheered up.  Over a few months, my...
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The strangest thing happened while submitting the piece I had written for this topic. I lost it somewhere in cyberspace. Normally I would compose my blog posts in a word document, then paste it here. This time, for some reason, I chose to write straight into the entry space. Gone. Never...
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Rusty nails work just as well to hammer into old walls that will hold fraying frames with sepia-toned photographs of stale memories. Why let go when it will one day go on its own? ~FV
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    It's always easier to think of those things that were a tragic loss. Where letting go was not easy. Like that balloon when I was five. The one that my brother convinced me would be so much cooler to see floating up into the sky and becoming a tiny dot before disappearing in the atmosphere. Long...
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Thirty years, twelve days, four hours, seventeen minutes and three seconds ago I was strapped on a gurney in the emergency room in a hospital in Richmond, California. Steps away a woman wailed when she was told that her child had died of a gunshot wound. People in white lab coats scurried around me...
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LET IT GO            By the time the war was over, the ring deteriorated to the point of almost nothing.  The plastic carnival prize took on the responsibility of getting me home from a nightmare I would live with for the rest of my life.  Back in the states, my life revolved around usual sequence...
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Michael and I were very much in love but we had our first serious quarrels when we decided that I would move into his condo. The condo was stuffed with black lacquered Chinese furniture and the artifacts of his life: three tvs, motorcycle helmets, Italian art. I had an eclectic assortment of second...
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"Why did the chicken cross the road?" It's the proverbial bad joke that's been part of the English lexicon since its publication in the 1847 issue of The Knickerbocker, a New York monthly publication. And yet, as a simplistic metaphor, it's surprisingly profound and applicable to the...
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Letting Go of the Summer Shore    Almost 20 years ago, my husband and I bought a small summer vacation house in Cape May, New Jersey, just 100 miles away from our home.  The decision actually came about, with hope, to give my husband some relaxation with fishing and to bond our...
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I was yearning for a year off so when the offer arrived I made up my mind even before the formal announcement.  It was a big and exciting challenge to take on.   But it required that I leave a very comfortable job of 9 years, my home away from home, and a familiar place that brought me fulfillment...