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Dear Ms. Woodyard, Hearing your name makes me fifteen years old again, at the very best moment of fifteen. Not the fifteen when one is lost – which is so much of life at fourteen and fifteen and eighteen and twenty-one and twenty-five, longer than any of us would like to admit – but the fifteen of...
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Photo: Book's paperback cover, via doriskearnsgoodwin.com. There are many editions, but this is the one I read.   Extremely well-written and well-researched book (and, from just a few pages, partially the source of Spielberg's movie, which was also very good) that will make you see and know...
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THIS IS TO BE A FAMOUS LETTER This is to be a famous letter. My life is deeply enmeshed in yours. You blossom in the corner of my mind and live there. The image laughs with me. We think with common attitudes. Like-minded, we absorb together the gist of life. Lovingly, we feed on the melody in music...
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I receive emails from people around the globe. Fans write to express how much they enjoy the blog; foes, not so much.  Whether you love it or you hate it, I enjoy hearing from you. Today's post (edited to protect the writer's anonymity) features a question I often receive: Hey Michelle, how...
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last weekend we spent in Venice and had a wonderful time: the whole city was celebrating  the Carnival of Venice. We walked the streets surrounded by  grown- ups dressed in elaborated period costumes and covered in masks.  When we got back my daughter asked me why I didn’t write...
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A new HuffPost piece by me, about the end of the letter as a vital literary genre, and its replacement by...well, something else.
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Dear Robert, You are all I need in this world, and want.  You are the only thing I care about, that matters, which make me feel important and loved. You get me.  And you want to know more.  And that means so much to me, you don't even know.  You give me spirit and hope for the...
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I have often felt as though I was born into the wrong time.  There are so many customs now considered old-fashioned, out-dated and not progressive that I find charming, useful, and worthwhile. Preeminent among them is the art of letter writing.   I remember being taught in school...
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Due to the untimely demise of one of my characters, I was in mourning and could therefore not submit the story on time.  This is a real note I sent years ago. A colleague had entered my name for a short story competition by the British Council. I was not terribly enthusiastic about such events...
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Robert Burns letter discovered in castle Scottish poet's 1789 letter to head of Edinburgh medical school contains early version of On Seeing a Wounded Hare b Robert Burns's unpublished letter to Professor James Gregory was found in Floors Castle in Kelso. Photograph: Angus Blackburn/PA An...